From suburban garage to world-class cones

The story of Frima is a story about a locksmith, who built a waffle cone machine which, almost by chance, evolved into a successful business. To test the machine, he and his wife mixed the first batch of dough, and the result was a delicious, crunchy waffle cone. The couple’s garage was transformed into an ice cream cone bakery, and the scene was set for Frima's first production. From here, bicycle couriers transported the waffle cones to ice cream parlours and private homes throughout the Aarhus area, and Frima quickly grew out of its cramped garage premises to become a large enterprise.

Today, the Frima headquarter is situated in Viby near Aarhus, where ice cream waffle cones exclusively for the retail market and the ice cream industry are produced and shipped out to customers worldwide. A lot has changed since 1958, but the ice cream cone recipe is still just as good and exactly the same as the original. Frima is well known for its personal service, quick response and short delivery time. This, together with the unique product range, makes Frima well-known as high-quality supplier.

Good ideas can easily
take shape in a garage
and grow to become a
worldwide success. 

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